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No Longer a Dream

We understand the importance of budget when travelling, and how the concerns of budget have often restricted us from enjoying a well deserving refuge.

Don’t worry, we know how that feels, which is why our BED consultants strive to secure direct contract with villa owners in various regions in order to swiftly present you exquisitely luxurious and good value-for-money villa rental options that fit comfortably into your holiday budget, ensuring you get the most of your vacation.

Imagine staying in a lavish private pool villa at the price of a single hotel room, and you’ll know it’s no longer just a dream to book a villa with ease.

So, would you still like to stay in a hotel?

Your Own Personal Travel Assistants

Finding it frustrating to prepare your vacation? Let us do it for you.

Our BED Consultants will act as your personal travel assistants who actively answer to your concerns 24/7 and personally look after all the hassles of your vacation, from arranging Airport Transfers, searching for personal English-speaking tour guides, spa and restaurant bookings, to getting you access to the best local swimming pools to dip in.

Welcoming You Home

Upon your arrival at every villa, you will be welcomed by a team of professional services staff you can call your very own, such as personal chefs who prepare dinner exactly the way you want it, English-speaking drivers who can show you the local hidden gems, experienced babysitters, gardeners and cleaning services, private butlers who tend to your every need during your stay, security guards standing by 24 hours a day, along with the villa manager himself. These well trained staff will be at your sole disposal whenever you need them, as if you were the owner of the villa. Welcome home, ladies and gentlemen.

Inspiring Atmosphere

It is our pleasure to make your vacation as budget friendly as possible, but as luxurious as possible. One of the main requirements we never leave behind when selecting a luxurious vacation home for you is its surrounding area.

To fit a wide spectrum of budget, many of our handpicked selection of villas are surrounded by the region’s most enchanting wonders, from the traditional local population for a better perspective of the iconic culture, to sweeping panoramic sceneries such as direct beach access or ocean view with infinity pools. Why would you stay in a crowded 5-star hotel when you can enjoy all these privately?

Undisturbed Privacy

The enhanced sense of freedom to do anything you want in your own personal space is the very essence that defines a home, where there are no other guests to distract you from turning moments into fruitful memories that will last a lifetime.

We know that’s the kind of rejuvenation you want, and we pride ourselves in securing you such exclusive privacy. Therefore in addition to the strict international standards we abide to, we only handpick villas that specific criterion to make sure you feel right where you belong.

Freshly Picked Villas

Inspection of our currently contracted villas is done from time to time by our specialist BED Consultants to assess whether they still have what it takes to fulfil our high expectations and in turn guarantee a pleasant stay for you. Not only that, we also regularly trace down and contract newly emerging luxurious yet affordable villas that stand up to our international standards of qualification so you will never run out of fresher options whenever you are planning for a vacation.